środa, 22 lipca 2015

SocialBoost.pro Review - my business was dying...

Wow! That's all I have to say — never in all my years have I experienced such wonderful service on the part of Social Boost. They were absolutely professional and swift in handling my order. My business was struggling ever since Obama took office and the economy tanked. It was extremely tough to make ends meet and I was living paycheck to paycheck for several years. I would always read the importance of social media and all that it has to offer but I never did really take advantage of it. Then I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place — my business was dying that to a lack of traffic to my website and other online mediums, and as a result I too was suffering. I finally, after years of putting it off, decided to open up myself a social media account to advertise my business and all that it stands for. At first, growth was slow. I made a Twitter as Facebook account and things never really picked up. I felt hopeless. After another year or so of just barely scrapping by I, one day, stumbled upon an email from the kind folks over at SocialBoost.pro. Let me tell you, I never acted quicker in my life. Sales were down, traffic was down, and I needed a change. My business was in the tank and something, though at the time I wasn't really quite sure what, had to change. On nothing more than a hunch and that all-familiar gut feeling we all get every now and then, I acted on the email that arrived in my inbox that fateful September day. I picked up my little iPhone and gave the folks over at Social Boost a call. Within 2 or 3 rings they answered the phone with a friendly hello — believe me when I tell you, I just knew the person at the other end was smiling and just genuinely happy to take my call. I started by telling the young man on the other end of the line my story — about my business and why I thought it was suffering. He then went on to tell me how he thought he could fix my dilemma and rescue me from the financial hole I've unfortunately found myself in. He told me about the power of social media and how, when used correctly, it has the power to really rescue your business from the trenches of financial despair. Within 10 short minutes I was sold and I had bought myself some Facebook likes, along with Twitter followers. After only 3 short days I found my accounts had been flooded with followers and likes — I felt like a little kid again! The results were just fantastic. Within a month business was picking up and money wasn't so tight anymore. Now I'm a regular customer of SocialBoost.pro and they never fail to deliver and act upon what they promised me they'd do as a client and customer. I highly recommend the folks over at Social Boost to any fellow small business owner. I love their product, and I think you will too.

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